| review: DIY roman shade curtains |

| after years of experiencing DIY Pinterest fails when it comes to trying new DIY ideas I tend to be a bit cautious | recently I gave making my own roman shade curtains a try and here is my review summary: it might not be for everyone | first, you must have a lot of space | there were no tables or surfaces large enough to spread out the material and blinds so I had to do this project on the floor | with that said, being 8 months pregnant at the time with back problems my husband had to step in to help me finish | if you have pets, small children or the idea of crawling around on the floor doesn’t appeal to you; this project might cause issues | also, what the curtain guides don’t tell you is the clothespins tend to stick to the fabric as the glue dries and sometimes it pulls the fabric off once you remove the clothespins | lastly, keep in mind that with removing most of the blinds the back view (from outside your window) might not be aesthetically pleasing, especially if placed in a window in the front of your home | end result: I am super happy with the finished product for the nursery (and the total cost for 2 curtains was well under $20!) but I probably would not attempt this project again | if interested, this is the guide I used:

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